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At California Extradition Service,  we do things by the book to ensure our services are in compliance with all federal regulation.
Each private prisoner transport company must follow the authorities and regulations set forth in U.S. Code Titles 28 and 42, "Federal Regulation of Prisoner Transport Companies" and "Department of Transportation" regulations.

The United States Attorney General, in consultation with the American Correctional Association and the private prisoner transport industry, has implemented regulations relating to the transportation of violent prisoners in or affecting interstate commerce, also known as "Jenna's Act".

Prisoner In Handcuffs, Prisoner Transportation Company in Oakland, CA

The Interstate Transportation of Dangerous Criminals Act of 2000, enacted December 21, 2000, provides minimum security and safety standards for private companies that transport violent prisoners on behalf of State and local jurisdictions.

For further explanation please refer to  "U.S. Code Title 42" "U.S. Code Title 28" "U.S. DOT"


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